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FOSA is a facility that offers services similar to those offered by Commercial Banks.

Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) as a department of Mombasa Port Sacco was formed in 2010 with the purpose of meeting the members banking needs. To open a savings account you are required to visit our office and present the following documents.

  •     Original identity card.
  •     Two coloured passport size photographs.

Also, one should

  •     Be a member of Mombasa Port Sacco
  •     Have contributed the minimum capital shares as required

The Marketing activities are curently under the FOSA department. Their main objective and mandate is to interrogate the society's market environment, customer needs, devising the best strategies in market penetration and engaging potential and existing customers.

To fulfill their mandate, and represent the Sacco in with a consistent voice, the marketing personnel works with the rest of the Sacco departments to help determine new and flexible strategies and steadfastly in line with an established customer service charter which seeks to guarantee optimum customer care and facilitate a seamless work-flow.
Headed by the FOSA  manager and key personnel, the departments job is well cut out with key responsibilities being , but not limited to the following:

  •     Heading and co-coordinating activities in the Marketing and Public relations departments within the Sacco.
  •     Responsibility over spoken, written and graphical messages of the organization so that the public obtain accurate understanding of the organization character, idea and practices.
  •     Studying and analyzing the public reaction to the company policies and practices, as well as all kind of public thought that may affect the organization.
  •     Developing an effective market intelligence and research strategies.
  •     Development of the Market plans for the Department.
  •     Designing and directing the marketing policies
  •     Enhancement of customer service delivery.
  •     Developing effective promotion and advertising strategies.
  •     Developing a reporting system that will guide and influence the Sacco’s policy formulation.
  •     Developing marketing plan and strategies.


  •     Revenue generated from FOSA activity are meant to be shared by all members through payment of annual dividend.
  •     Members through the electoral process influence decisions affecting the running of FOSA.
  •     FOSA services are within reach right where members work.
  •     The tariffs levied for products and services are affordable.
  •     Opportunity to save in the short-term.
  •     One qualifies for advances after running the Fosa account for 6 months.
  •     Interest on savings account every end year.

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