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How to become a member

For a prospective member, the following are the requirements and procedures:

  • One must be 18 years and above
  • Provide a copy of valid Kenyan identity card and/or passport
  • Provide a passport size photograph or be taken a photo from our side
  • Dully filled and signed membership form
  • Pay the required joining account fees of Kshs. 1,100
  • Take up the minimum number of shares.

Benefits of membership

as a member, you are able to manage your financial wealth through the following ways:

  • Earn dividends on your deposit contribution and currently we are the best Sacco in the country on dividends awards
  • Acquire loans at low interest rates ranging from one month advance up to 84 months’ loans
  • Financial advice on loans to take and how to develop yourself
  • Education day to our members to inform them on finance and society growth
  • Exhibition of our products during Ask show and Cooperative day where our members are given shirts and caps to be an act of being proud to be a member
  • Excellent customer care service and we intend to move to executive customer care services for the prestige members  
  • Best fixed deposit with the rates up to 10.5% on your deposit
  • Members are also entitled to the following account products from Mombasa port Sacco:

Types of Accounts

  • Ordinary account for all members joining to save.
  • Holiday account for purpose of saving to spend on a holiday out.
  • Joint account for two to three people intending to join us.
  • Group account for a registered group who want to be members.
  • Children account for purpose of parents who want to save for their children.



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